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FOLIOz: Facilitated Online Learning as an Interactive Opportunity in Australia


Getting to Grips with Knowledge Management (G2G)


About G2G...

Welcome to the 'Getting to Grips with Knowledge Management (G2G)' web pages. G2G is an online interactive course on knowledge management that is being delivered by email and Web pages. The course has been comissioned by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) as a FOLIOz course for Australian librarians.


The G2G course began on Monday 28th April 2008 and ended on Monday 16th June 2008. For the course materials, see the G2G archive. To see an outline of the course, see the G2G course timetable.


Key Materials...


Portfolio Templates:

Group Supported Route

Self-Directed Route


Portfolio Submission Instructions


Portfolios will be assessed by the following criteria depending on which route you are undertaking:

Group-Supported Assessment Criteria

Self-Directed Assessment Criteria 



Course Introduction

Course FAQs



Briefing #1: What is Knowledge Management?

Briefing #2: Components of a Knowledge Management Strategy

Briefing #3: Classifying and Coding Knowledge

Briefing #4: Communities of Practice

Briefing #5: Knowledge Transfer & Knowledge Exchange



Knowledge Audit

Knowledge Champions

Environmental Scanning

Creating a Community of Practice

Selling the Benefits of KM


Other Materials:


Case Study: The NLH Specialist Libraries- An example of a Community of Practice

Course Summary


Course aim...

This course aims to provide practical skills in delivering knowledge management techniques that are feasible at a local or organisational level. The course will be supported by real-life case studies and practical tasks and exercises.


Course objectives...

By the end of this course participants will be able to:


  • Understand the importance of knowledge management.
  • Identify the main considerations to be taken into account when planning a knowledge management strategy.
  • Use knowledge management tools to meet the needs of their organisation or community
  • Prepare a planned approach to developing a “community of practice”.
  • Identify strategies to enable you to sell the benefits of knowledge management at an organisational or local level.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of knowledge management techniques.
  • Engage with fellow participants in discussing issues connected with practical knowledge management problems and situations.  


G2G references

For more information on knowledge management, see the following references:



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